Save the Old Police station call

Save the old Police station call

Could the old Police Station in Exchange Street be saved from demolition at the eleventh hour? Member Jonathan Gilpin is offering a lifeline for these much loved buildings.  He has an exciting plan to convert the buildings to an  up-market themed restaurant.


The Aylesbury Society has been fighting to keep both these historic buildings since 2009. Our failure to get them listed by English Heritage in 2010 has never diminished our desire to see them back in use,  and saved for the town as one of the few remaining 1930’s buildings. They were built as a matching pair and, as such,  should remain so. To demolish one and leave the other would detract from the street scene.


Past excuses from all councils has been that no one wants them,  and they would be too expensive for potential owners to refurbish. Now Mr. Gilpin has made an  offer to Bucks County Council that,  in our view,  cannot be refused.  The excuse now is that the building needs to be demolished to make way for an entrance to the new car park.  However, having inspected the gap between the cinema and the police station,  there is ample space for 2 way traffic, similar to the existing Exchange St car park.. If absolutely necessary,  why not demolish part of the former prison wall to make additional access space. We are also told that 20 car park spaces would also be lost if the building remained.   This is nothing compared to the jobs that a new  restaurant would bring to the town. It would also support AVDC’s plan of making Aylesbury a ‘ a destination of choice,   and a centre for entertainment and the arts’. What better place for a restaurant than opposite the Waterside Theatre and next to the Odeon cinema.


It is never too late to change plans, and we would hope that council is not as intransigent as some people think it is. So we ask Bucks County Council to engage as quickly as possible with the new likely buyer of these historic and iconic buildings and help save them for Aylesbury.

13 responses to “Save the Old Police station call

  1. I am all for saving these unique buildings for future generations. Is there anything I can do to help? I run the Aylesbury Remembered page on Facebook which has almost 5,500 members so maybe a petition could be started? The council need to know they are making a bad decision to remove one of these historic buildings.

  2. keep this and knock down the new stuff

  3. Come on AVDC save these buildings, I worked in there in 1979, they were great buildings then, very solid sound structures. Aylesbury doesn’t need another car park, but needs more restaurants. Please save a little of Aylesburys history for the coming generations to enjoy. Yes I live Australia now but have family still in Aylesbury, have a heart and the foresight to see beyond the horizon.

  4. I am amazed that yet another part of Aylesburys’ history is set to be demolished. It’s too late once these buildings of character are gone to say “if only”

  5. These buildings should be saved and would make a lovely restaurant. Please get a petition going.

  6. Should definitely keep them. Like the restaurant idea (not another dull chain though – let’s get some character back into Aylesbury). Dinner in the cells would be worth paying for. No files in the puddings though plesase 🙂

  7. I worked in these buildings around the early eighties when the old Police Station was used as a printing facility – printing all the forms and stationery for the police. They are lovely old buildings and wouldn’t it be so much better to use them again rather than knock them down? I like the idea of a restaurant too. Why not?

  8. As a relative newcomer to aylesbury been here 8 yrs, I’m astonished how much this beautiful town has and is changing. Its lost its individuality and becoming a lost town for the next generation. Leave some history for future generations

  9. Such a shame to lose these lovely old buildings which are a part of our history. Im all for saving them!

  10. Francesca Argenio

    Aylesbury has changed so much over the years and not for the better may I add, such a pity that a lot of the old buildings have disappeared being replaced by not so nice ones ( to be polite) I think we should save as many as is possible, Aylesbury is no longer a pretty town.

  11. How can these beautiful buildings even be considered for demolition? Let’s keep some history and character in our town. I would sign a petition and I know many others that would too.

  12. I remember this lovely building as the local Police Station and it is about the nicest building still left standing in the Exchange Street area! I always think of it as the old police station. I used to work in the old council building around the corner, also a fantastic and similar building! I live on the continent and every time I come back to Aylesbury it changes so much and not always for the better. Too many of these original buildings are gradually disappearing. Here in Amsterdam the old buildings are preserved, sometimes only the outer walls, internally they get modernised this is a good way of moving with the times but preserving the original shell! Because once it’s gone – it’s gone!

  13. Happy to offer support, to keep these character buildings. (MRICS)

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