New restaurant by the canal?

The Society is calling for the ground floor of Kingfisher House in Walton Street, just by the former canal basin, to be considered as a possible restaurant. Whilst the Society has no objection to the conversion of flats to the upper floors it feels that the area fronting the canal basin at ground floor level lends itself to conversion to a restaurant. This would also be in line with the District Council’s own leisure policy. A restaurant would be well placed for use by visitors to the theatre, tourists visiting by narrow- boat, walkers, and students from the new academy

2 responses to “New restaurant by the canal?

  1. As someone who lives close to the location I would definitely approve of such a plan.

    I walk home that way from the train station after work and I see dozens of people walking to the theatre. Lots of people cross over Walton St from the multi-storey car park or train station and quite a few stop to look at the canal development.

    It’s therefore logical that its location would attract a proportion of that clientele plus local residents and the narrowboat visitors (of which there are many). I also think it’s far more suitable than flats (would people want a flat opening onto a well-used towpath?) on the groundfloor.

    The whole canal basin should be viewed as an asset. It could be made into an attractive area which could support a restaurant of this type.

    I cannot understand, for example, why Travel Lodge did not consider the waterfront when building their hotel. Surely an outside cafe would have made commercial sense to them too?

    Have the Aylesbury Society considered polling local residents as I am sure the majority would be in favour?

  2. I think this would be a great idea, I love Waterside and go regularly but would welcome a restaurant as an alternative to their restaurant or going into town, and what a perfect location by the canal

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